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More about information about Instagram

Today most popular social website is Instagram. Majority of people are using Instagram for social activities. It is a very amazing social platform for interacting people with photos and videos. Millions new user are connecting with it on daily uses. Most of us are spending much time and wake up with login on Instagram in the morning. The popularity of social media is increased day by day. It can manage your all photos and videos in one place. Instagram gallery stores all your media files and you can easily access your data. It is very beneficial for all kind of accounts and holds some private information also.

Instagram account

If you do not want to share your gallery without permission, then you can make your account private. It is not easy to solutions how to view private Instagram? Today most the Instagram accounts are on the private category. It is very basic things to save your account from hackers. Hackers take your all information and use it for his benefits. Some of protecting tools are used in the Instagram to save your data.

Stories on Instagram

It is the latest feature of Instagram. In which you can add photos and videos along with beautiful captions. Your story active for 24 hours after that it will be automatically deleted from it. You can use many types of animated emoji, and some flash flies for it. Video clips must be short because it is only your day story. It is a very impressive way to show off to friends.

Powerful search option

Instagram provides the best search option and in which we can search for any other profile. You can find a different kind of pages. If you are want to see your girlfriend account, and then you can use the search option. You can also see several types of private account information. Most of the old user knows how to view private Instagram?