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Missions and characters of Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Game


Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is an adventure game which is easily controlled on your touch screen. You can upgrade characters and figures having unique and original equipment and weapons by knowing its general steps like Dark Repulse swords. One can collect hundreds of character by knowing tips and tricks of following game and also learn about the easy ways to add your lovable characters during play way.

  • Add your favourite characters

There are new versions which are available with beloved characters. One can collect many characters which is most liked by you like Yuna, Kirito, LLenn and Sinon and you can also collect many sword fighters from the anime and manga. With the help of Sword Art Online Memory Defrag Cheats you can easily come to know about the importance of these characters in your game play, so learn it without delivering any charges.

  • Scouting and missions

It is very essential that you should know about the scouting of the new characters. For the new character, you had to pay diamonds for the random pull. The diamonds can be ranged characters from the 2 star to 5 star. The character are based on 5 star which is typical rarer and of better choice.

  • Role of scouting

You are required lots of diamond to scout new characters and you should take chance for the introduction of favourite characters. There are many ways if you want to gain lots of diamond for your play way and this can be done through missions and challenges given to you.

  • Missions

In the game, specific task is given to the player which you had to complete to achieve lot of rewards points and diamond for your play way. You will receive better rewards and diamond by completing weekly or daily missions. You can easily complete the quest and missions with specific characters given to you. It becomes easy for you to receive lot of diamonds and currencies for your game play with the help of quest completion. So complete them as long as it is possible.