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Whipped Coffee Tiktok Original. Dalgona coffee (also known as “whipped” coffee), bento boxes, pancake cereal and, of course, cloud bread. There is some bad news, though.

Whipped Coffee Is Taking Over the How to
Whipped Coffee Is Taking Over the How to from

You whip the mixture up until it turns into a fluffy cream, where you then add over some milk and ice. This is a type of korean coffee known as dalgona coffee. Add 1 pump of salted caramel syrup to 8 ounces of steamed milk or a glass filled with ice and chilled milk.

So let's first try it with the foam.

The dalgona coffee recipe is only made of three ingredients whipped. Here's how to make it. Basically, postmates partnered with local restaurants to create customized versions of tiktok’s favorite snacks. So, what does that mean, exactly?