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Dalgona Whipped Coffee Calories. Make your own light and creamy whipped coffee to serve over milk when you can't get to a cafe or coffee shop. Whipped coffee is a viral sensation

Dalgona Coffee Recipe How to make the best Whipped
Dalgona Coffee Recipe How to make the best Whipped from

If you have an espresso machine, you can make a macchiato by adding the milk, then espresso, then your whipped coffee foam. Some people call it whipped coffee, some people call it tic tok coffee, but everyone calls it delicious. To make this whipped coffee recipe, equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and water are whisked together until fluffy and then poured on top of milk.

Even though it looks like something straight from starbucks, you only need three three.

This coffee is fluffy and light and layered. For a strong coffee, use a small glass and less milk. How do you make whipped coffee (dalgona coffee)? The coffee, sugar and water concoction is called a whipped coffee in india, pakistan and china where it has been served for many years, and a dalgona coffee in korea, where it has recently boomed.