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Dalgona Whipped Coffee Calories. Heat the milk for a hot beverage or add ice for a cold one. Known as dalgona in korea, frappe or whipped coffee in greece, and beaten coffee in india, you’ll soon know it as a quick and refreshing iced coffee treat.

Devotion Dalgona Whipped Coffee in 2020 Coffee recipes
Devotion Dalgona Whipped Coffee in 2020 Coffee recipes from

Coffee powder is whipped along with sugar and water until is light and frothy and then mixed with chilled or hot milk. Whipped coffee is a fluffy and delicious twist on your morning cup of joe that you absolutely need to try. The whipped coffee i know of, and have too much of every summer day, dates back to macedonia in the late 1950’s.

Whipped coffee is a viral sensation

Of course, this amount of sugar is totally fine as a treat, but i wanted to see if it was possible to reduce the sugar and still have the whipped coffee turn out. That is where the whipped coffee comes into play. How to make dalgona coffee healthier? For a strong coffee, use a small glass and less milk.