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Coffee And Kareem Review. Coffee is dating kareem’s mother vanessa (taraji p. A white cop, the eponymous coffee (ed helms), is dating a black nurse.

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All in all, coffee & kareem is the kind of movie that, in an age before netflix, a youngster of kareem’s age might have come across on tv and thought was edgy for all its profanity and blood. But when pen hits paper, the writing here is tired and juvenile. Miller 0 comments 2020, coffee & kareem, comedy, netflix.

His lines are unbelievably offensive for a someone who's meant to be a child, something the movie's entire premise seems to rest upon.

Nothing really, except everything is stupefyingly wrong with coffee and kareem, a doa, dysfunctional family farce with an overeager cast — led by ed helms, taraji p. Henson, terrence little gardenhigh, betty gilpin. Coffee & kareem is an exception. I’ll be honest, i never really gave too much attention to netflix films.