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A Perfect and Classy Guide to Know about My Story


My Story is the most attractive game which is created by Nanobit and it also deals in in-app purchases features in it. In the same game, players have to write their stories or you can say they have to create their life in an appropriate manner. They have to perform some real-life activities and tasks. Not only is this, players in My Story needs to create their character in My Story as to play the entire game properly.

Not only is this, there are various types of events, objectives, challenges and activities in it. The more and more these things you complete in My Story, the easier you go far in it. Gamers also make use of My Story Hack 2019. Yes, it is absolutely right with the help of the same cheats and hack option one can easily become the best player in the game.

Features to know about My Story

My Story contains lots of classic features in it. Some of the main and classic features of My Story are as follows and about them every single player should know –

  • Character customization option – Players should know that they can easily create their character with the help of character customization.
  • Stories – It also deals in lots of stories of different categories. Also players have to make their perfect life in My Story.
  • Events – Also in the game there are many events present which individuals need to take participate in and then play the game entire game easily.

So, these are some main features about which all players need to know.


Finally, all the things which are mentioned above are important for the players to understand properly. The more players understand it properly, the easier they become the best player in My Story. They can also make use of My Story Hack 2019 to make the gameplay easier and play it properly.